Little Miss 1!!!

So my little bubba turned 1 yesterday!!! So now I have a Miss 1!!! It's a weird feeling when you're little baby has their first birthday! It wasn't that long ago that you were wrapping them up and doing midnight feeds, then there was crawling and feeding and walking, now there is no more talking in weeks or months they are officially 1!

When Miss 8 turned 1 it was a huge deal! We had everyone we knew over and celebrated, completely decking out the garage in Wiggles decorations and partyware! Then with Miss 3, it was in the park with close friends and the family! Then for poor Miss 1 we just had hubby's parents and grandparents and sister, and a couple of friends! It's funny how things change, my nan has past, my parents are not apart of family anymore and friends have moved on! It was a great day nonetheless, on Sunday, we had all the important people in ours and our children's lives and she was spoilt rotten!

I love that little girl so much! She laughed and played and ran with her sisters!! As always, the balloons and the wrapping paper were a hit!!!

Of course the house was decorated, her sisters chose a fairy theme and I found these gorgeous spirals with happy 1st birthday on them and hung them from the roof! We even got a little banner for her chair!!!

And (of course) my bestie made the cake!!! It was delicious and so cute!!! Miss 1 definitely liked it!!

So it really doesn't matter how many people are there, as long as the right people are!

So her actual birthday was yesterday and we hoped to take her to a play centre but as it was a public holiday it was closed!! So ham rolls at home it was!! But spoilt the kiddies with McDonalds for dinner! They enjoyed the day hanging out with mum and dad ... Another year past, and my girls get older, but somehow I'm still 21!! Lol!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


  1. Happy Birthday little one xxx
    My little - big boy is going to turn 2 next week!

  2. Thank you my dear! I hope your little man has a fabulous day! Are you doing much for him?


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