Pretty little braids!

OMG ... how totes awesome are braids right now? With fashion week just past and lots of braid-love around Miss 8 and I have been trialing out the new styles! We usually do braids for school, but basic braids, from the top right down the back or the braided ponies, but now we are so completely in love with the "Waterfall Braid" This is sooo pretty!
And now that I know how to do this style (thanks to YouTube) Miss 8 is like "Everyone at school is going to love this! No one else will have their hair like me!" I'm so excited too, to show off my handy work! lol!

But is there really an easier hairstyle then a braid? After a little bit of practise, it's super easy! I taught myself how to do it when Miss 8 had hair long enough, and now we just play around with ideas! I'm even managing to do it to myself! They are a great way of hiding a bad hair day too!

Here are a couple of my favs to do at the moment!

The headband style is the one i love when you are heading out somewhere for dinner or lunch and just want to add a little something to your do! The middle is how my hair is at the moment!! This is my bad hair day fav! I attack it with a bit of product and braid both sides and bring it into a rough bun at the back ... too easy!

I hope that you can enjoy some braids too and if ever in doubt ... turn to You Tube!

Thanks ... MCM xx


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