The 30's have arrived!!

Well I am now officially 30 ... Who would have thunk it!! I did write a post previously, about the lead up to the weekend and my surprise trip but it miraculously disappeared so I might start again!!!
It all started way back on Thursday the 18th of May (hehe) I received a call from one of my dear friend with some very exciting news, she had some how managed to get us both tickets to the Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block (NKOTBSB) concert!! I was beside myself, couldn't believe that we were going, as this was a concert that I really wanted to attend but wasn't financial enough to go!
So Friday came around and I couldn't contain my excitement! I cleaned the house like a mad woman just to pass the time! After that, Miss 3 finished kinder so we went shopping to find an outfit for my "birthday dinner" as directed by hubby! So that passed another couple of hours!! Then we picked Miss 8 up, went to ballet, packed their clothes and before I knew it my MIL and SIL were knocking on the door! She whipped the kiddies away and after a few touch ups I was ready scoot too!! On my way out the door hubby yells "Don't be too late!! We have a 4:30am start tomorrow!!" Consumed with curiosity I leave to collect my girlie and we make our way into the city chatting and giggling and trying to think of what hubby might have install!! Now I'm not sure if you have ever tried to drive in the CBD of Melbourne on a Friday night but it is a hard task! Especially when there is two concerts, a footy game and a netball game on!!! So we parked miles away and started the hike to Rod Laver when we had a charming old man stop his tuk tuk like car that was plastered with signs of all the events that were on, right next to where we were walking! As we were starting to run a touch late we opted to jump in! Best $5 I've ever spent!!
So we get our tickets and make our way to our seats, only a touch late, to look around the arena at the thousands of women screaming and jumping and losing their minds!!!

We had so much fun though! Listening to all the old songs that I had forgotten about and the memories that came with them!! Nights of dancing with friends and boyfriends!! Weeks of crying to the break up songs! We laughed so much at the sight of old Nick Carter thrusting and sliding on the floor! I decided he looked an American version of Warrick Capper! But none of them had overly changed, the same songs and dance moves just a few years older!!
We arrive home a little after 12 and I snuggle into bed to dream of what awaits the day ahead!!
At 4:30 I am woken by my alarm and hubby yelling "get out of bed!! We have to go!" Last night I was told to pack a bag with the clothes I had bought and what I needed for dinner! By 5am we had been picked up by our dear friend and were driving ... To where? I wasn't sure!! My thoughts were hot air ballooning but that idea was dashed when we turned in the opposite direction! Driving along the freeway we approach Avalon Airport and funnily enough we turn off! My excitement skyrockets at the thought of what we are doing and where we could be going! I was instructed to leave my bag in the car (?!?) and we made our way into the airport!! My mind was completely blown! I had no idea what was going on, only that we were about to board the silver bullet to ... SYDNEY!!!

What excitement this had caused, well for me anyway! I was the most awake person on the plane!! With some help from some brekkie ...

We were lucky enough to watch the sun rise as we flew too ...

These were moments that I don't think I will every forget! After disembarking the plane we grabbed some real brekkie and hubby FINALLY shared what we were doing!! We were headed to

We were climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge! You could only imagine my disbelief! I was wriggling around in my chair like a little kid at Luna Park!! I was so excited and amazed that all of this had been organized without the slightest idea!! So we cabbed it to where the climb takes place and as we were nearly 2 hours early we went for a walk along Circular Quay and soaked up the Saturday morning atmosphere of markets and joggers and the relaxed vibe that it held, no one seemed to be in any hurry. We sat and watched the ferries come and go and admired the Opera house from across the bay!
10:10am our walk was scheduled for, so we head in and get organized!! We are taken through, prepped, signed, and dressed before we take part in a quick training sesh and then we head off! This quickly became one of the most scariest things I have ever done! I stepped out on to the stairs that start the climb up the bridge and they wobbled and you could see straight through them!! I'm normally not too bad with heights but this one was a doosey! But as we kept moving I became better and started to enjoy the view! You could see all of Sydney up there, obviously!! Thankfully I had my own personal tour guide behind me, some random lady was ensuring that she shared her knowledge of Sydney with myself and her daughter! But when you reach the top it is all worth while! You could see for miles and even without my glasses I could make out the small speaks that we're now the Opera House and Luna Park!
Now the only down side was coming back down (pardon the pun) I was really struggling with the whole decent thing and seeing how high we really were!! But, just as it was going up, it became easier! Although when we had finally reached the bottom hubby was worried as I was quite pale! But that was just a combination of the heights, the winds and the adrenaline! The whole experience truly blew me away!! That was certainly not something you would have ever expected!! So after the completion we head out on the great task of trying to locate food for lunch which in Sydney was a surprisingly difficult task! We walked the streets of the CBD for almost 2 hours as all hubby and I wanted was a good pub meal! But we eventually found one, it was like the heavens shone down on this corner and we were so relieved to just sit, watch some sport and eat a great meal! After our meal and a relax we made our way back to the airport to fly home, I still giggle at the thought of our day trip to Sydney! We sat around for a while enjoying some massage chair action on our exhausted bodies before we board our 5:40pm plane back to Melbs.
Our flight was quick and we both slept soundly, we arrived back at Avalon at about 7:20 and our dear friend was there to collect us again! So he has braved the cold morning and evening for us!! As we drove into our estate, past the waddling ducks, hubby informs me that when we turn into our street I must close my eyes! I get the feeling then that we aren't going out for dinner! We go to our neighbors house so that we can shower and change, because after a day of sunshine and a lot walking you become quite stinky!! So we're all dolled up and I am made to close my eyes, we walk the big walk two doors down and I open the door to my beautiful friends and family! Most of which I had seen in the days leading up! I again was blown away!! I was greeted by my girls running up to and jumping on me!! Squealing with delight at what they had put together, making us drinks and showing us their handy work!!
I am so thankful for all the work that my wonderful hubby put in! He is an amazing person, thoughtful and loving!! I couldn't have asked for a better night! My little Miss 8 kept the secret so well, she was thrilled that I had no idea! She was the foreman back at the house ensuring all the jobs were done and even decorated the cake!! My MIL also kept the secret well sneaking about setting up and cooking food and my beautiful bestie/SIL made the cake and also cooked and decorated!! My other bestie, who only the night before I had seen, was also in on the deal!! And then our awesome friends/neighbors who had been cooking and buying drinks and chauffeured us around!
We had a wonderful night, laughing and singing and of course drinking! It was also great to see friends that I hadn't seen for a while, plus I spoilt rotten with presies too!
As Saturday was not my actual birthday, Tuesday I was Greeted in the morning by my beautiful girls wishing me a happy birthday and my gorg hubby came home from work to bring me an iced coffee that I'm addicted to! Then my MIL came to pick us up, with a huge bunch of flowers in her hands and we took Miss 3 to dancing and then out for lunch! After that she took me shopping and spoilt me all over again! Then finished the day with a beautifully cooked dinner by hubby and yummy cupcakes for dessert!
I am so grateful for all the beautiful people that I have in my life and for helping share my special day with me!!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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