June? Say what?!?

Well haven't I just made June more crazy busy then it needs to be!! Ha! Well last year I did, to decipher what I'm saying, or correctly, trying to say is, my bubs and miss 8 have their birthdays this coming month!! So plans are in place for the big 9th birthday party!! It's a ballet theme, with everything to be pink and white! My SIL is the family cake maker and will be put to the test with Miss 8's request of a meringue tower that will knock your socks off! Thank you Donna Hay for the ideas!

So now I am desperately looking for a mobile ballet bar that we could use for the party, I know this would make her dreams come true!! This party has been a long time in the making and I know she has every aspect detailed in her head! We haven't had a party for her in a few years and I love making my girls feel special!

But in 2 weeks from tomorrow, my little buba will be turning 1!!! I can't believe it! This past year has just flown by. I feels like only yesterday we were in hospital and now my little star will become a big girl! Who knows what we will do, I'm thinking afternoon tea at home, but hubby isn't keen, I might just have to bat my eye lids a little more!! Ha!!

Well this month has been a busy one, and that will continue into June and July too! But I love having things to do and places and people to visit, keeps life interesting! And fills the pages on here too;)

Take Care ... MCM xxx


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