Special time - I'm all mushy!!

As a mum of three, I like to take time to spend one on one time with my girls, whether it be taking one out to do an activity we enjoy or just snuggling up watching tv or reading a book. I believe it's important to make them feel special individually.
Miss 8 and I had a day like that on the weekend!! Hubby took miss 3 to see the Hi5 concert!! So we took the opportunity to hang out, with bubs too!!

Our day was pretty chilled out, visited my bestie, her Aunty!! Then we watched what seemed like a million episodes of Good Luck Charlie (which is secretly one of my fav Disney channel shows!!) that was so nice, it was raining outside and bubs was asleep, so we snuggled up in bed and watched what ever she wanted! Then when the rain had passed and bubs was up we went for a walk to the front our estate to where the Alamanda Cafe is and we had afternoon tea!!

This was Miss 8's choice, not that I was complaining!!!! Mmm this was the best Mars Bar Cake I think I've ever had! To die for!! After we stuffed our faces and finished a relaxing coffee ...

... Not so much the cake, we wandered through the park and lake then headed home to meet our concert goers!! I really appreciate special moments like that, that I can take time out and focus on them without distraction. My children are the world to me and I will not make the same mistakes my mum made with me!! No one is perfect, I know I'm not, but I hope that my girls don't hold on to the bad memories instead idealize the good!! I love you my little super stars!!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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