Anzac Day - Lest We Forget

I'd like to know what does Anzac Day mean to you? Is it a day off from work to potter in the garden and/or drink? Or does it mean more to you?

I'm big on Anzac Day, it has a real meaning to me. It is a day that we pay respect to those that risked or lost their lives to fight for our country. My grandfather fought in WWII and survived it, to me that is an amazing feat, sadly however he passed away when my mum was only young and therefore I never had the opportunity to meet him. I have however taken the liberty to research him myself and found all his old war files and it is truly amazing stuff. Hubby's grandfather was also a part of WWII and survived it. He was an amazing man, someone who made a huge impact on my father in law and hubby, sadly he passed away not long after Miss 8 was born. But having known him was more then enough to impact my life. Even though initially Anzac Day was to commemorate the first world war, these days it holds a torch for all that risk their lives for others.

Since then the RSL was a part of our traditions on Anzac Day, as well as the footy (as I am an avid Collingwood supporter, please don't unfollow me because of it!) But a couple of year ago hubby and I attended the Dawn Service at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. Have you ever done this before? It was truly amazing experience, something that you could never explain to someone, it is emotional and beautiful and touching and must be done by all. It teaches you the up most respect for the fallen and I can't wait to take our children with us so they too can fully understand the meaning of the day and what it stands for.
It does break my heart to hear people say, as there aren't as many diggers around these days, does the day still hold as much importance? Well, really? Do you think that because someone has past that their legacy should not live on and all that they have done for our country should be forgotten? Or on the other hand you have the immature minded fools that make a joke of the day by threatening protests and initiating fights in public areas. The protests against wars is understandable, but Anzac Day is to commemorate those at war and who have fought in past wars, not to create controversy and disrespect others!
At the rising of the sun and at its going down; We shall remember them
I hope that you all enjoy you day on Wednesday the 25th April and remember those that shaped the country we live in today!

Thanks ... MCM


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