I have been inspired by FatMumSlim and am going to embark on the #PhotoADayMay journey.

Armed with just my iPhone and my fav photo apps, I will be snap happy for the 31 days of May and who knows I might continue on throughout the year!!

I needed something in my life just for me and that makes me happy, and I love nothing more than taking photos!! So why not join me and become snappy, if you follow me, I will follow you! Twitters and Pintresters can find me as MidClassMamas or I'm on Instagram as Cheekyhead So take the leap, you don't have to be a professional (I'm surely not) and we can learn a bit more about each other!!

Let's look at life through the lens and appreciate what we have around us!! Hope to follow you all soon!!! Keep smiling :)

Thanks ... MCM


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