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Isn't social media a wonderful tool? Some agree and I'm sure there are just as many who don't!

I am addicted, I'll admit it! I have a hotmail and gmail account, then there is Facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, blogger, tumblr and the list continues! I'm really a sucker for anything that I can meet new people, learn new things and share a bit of me on!

Take Facebook as an example. I live for status updates and check ins!! My hubby though, he would rather poke himself in the eye with a hot needle then read one more depressing post from someone he went to school with and hasn't seen in nearly 20 years!! Valid point? Not when we argue!! We've had many heated discussions about this topic, he turned me one night to the point where I had deleted all my friends off Facebook except 1, for a week I claimed I was still doing things with it other than following friends and slowly everyone creeped back! I think that as a housewife (stay at home mum) I tend to lack that adult communication and don't get the opportunity to do lunches and catch up for coffee, either that or I'm starting to hide behind my laptop and iPhone, either way, it's my lifeline!!!!!
I remember the complete and utter feeling of desertedness* when my eldest was born 8 years ago. If we had the technology we do now my life would have been completely different and I'm sure I would never had returned to work!! It is amazing to think that wherever I am in the world I can still write blogs, still talk to high school friends I vowed I'd never speak to and sip cocktails all at once!!

I recently started up a fb page for the parents in our area to join, a friendly laid back group that is just an opportunity to share thoughts, businesses and have a laugh. It will be a week tomorrow and this page has almost reached 100 followers!! I believe the power of social media is a wondrous thing that is truly changing the way that everyone thinks, works and engages.

Thank you to those who are making our world more in touch and more instant! I couldn't think of better way of communicating anymore! I would love to know how social media has affected you or your business? What issues arise and how would you rectify them? Share, share, share!!!

*Coming Soon dictionary of MCM words, terms and spelling, I'm still collating all the dumb and weird words I've created, please be patient as there are MANY!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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