Happy Easter!

Well hello there!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I have been out of action for a while now due to school holidays, runny noses, my poor old aching back and a short getaway! But we are all back on board now and looking forward to Term 2!! Yes, thankfully school went back today and I had these great plans of scrubbing floors and washing clothes and sadly, somehow, the bed grabbed hold of me and wouldn't let go! I have been the lazy old mum, watching DVDs with Miss 3 while bubs sleeps, then lounging on the floor when she awakes!
But sadly I know the reasoning behind my bad parenting today, we had a wedding on Saturday and maybe old mama bear had a few too many! I remember there was a lot of giggles and dancing and maybe even a spew at the end on the night! Shameful I think, I didn't really know anyone there so thankfully it won't haunt me for too long! But the sad fact that I'm 30 next month (which is another post in itself) and I was acting like a 16 year old embarrasses me!!!

However we did have a great break! Nothing too exciting to report but just spent time with the kiddies! We put away computers and phones and the TV too, and managed to have a bit of family time! Playing games, cooking, colouring and painting! It was messy but lots of fun! We also managed a getaway to Apollo Bay for the Easter weekend and that was much deserved!
Apollo Bay Beach Front

That place is so beautiful and relaxing! There is something about the beach that really calms me and puts me in my "happy place"! Although we did find out that Miss 3 doesn't appreciate the Great Ocean Road as much as I did! We had a chuck on the way there and on the way back! So the smell in the car was just delightful to the point where hubby was driving with his head out the window! But with bubs screaming 3/4 of the way, Miss 3 and her performance, Miss 8 singing with her headphones in (argh!) and hubby whinging, I managed to zone out quite well and arrive in Apollo Bay quite happy! A Bourbon on arrival was much needed!
Miss 3 at her Easter bonnet parade

We Also had Miss 3's very first Easter bonnet parade! Wow! It was magical! She was so proud that her mum, dad and sisters were all at her school to watch her in the most stunning hat she'd ever seen! I'm a sook, I've been told that many times! But on that day we all tears in our eyes, she is a very special little lady that one!! Marching around with her plastic plate bonnet on her head, oh I will never forget that one that for sure!

But all in all our break was pretty relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable ... as far as school holidays go! But time spent with my girls is time well spent and at the moment I can't get enough of their squeezie hugs and loving kisses! Big Smooches!!

Cheers ... MCM


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