Circus 1903 - Opening Night!

Oh my! Oh my! My little ladies and I had the pleasure of attending the opening night of Circus 1903 at the stunning Regent Theatre Melbourne last night. What an amazing show! Ok, picture this ... live theatre, historic location, old school circus performances and talent beyond your imagination. Yep, you got it! 
F R E A K I N G  A W E S O M E


I have to say this is the most entertaining, theatrical performance I've seen in a very long time! The talent was second to none. If someone was to say it's just another circus, I would have to laugh. In the past few years, I've seen many performances, many circus' but this is hands down the best of the best. Why you ask? Well, let me show you. 


The cycle ballet was one of the first performances. Mind. Blown. The strength and coordination it would take to manoeuvre this trick .... OH .... yes the kids may have given me a few sideways glances as I oohed and ahhhed. 

We also laughed as the cheeky, clown/dancers entertained us with the antics. The dancing was well persecuted and the stage was always a buzz of activity! 


I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, the kids or I! They laughed when the ring,aster called upon some children to come on stage and perform a trick that turned into a disaster! What do they say? Never work with animals or children! But when asked what their favourite part was, there was no denying the amazingly produced elephants stole the show!

Walked on stage by the crew, these life sized puppets were beyond amazing! Little peanut was a bundle of energy that had the little ones giggling and the larger one had myself in awe! So much effort and detail brought the show to life, transporting you back to 1903! I kept referring to Water for Elephants as an example of why we no longer have them, but I would have loved to experience a show like that.

However, the elephants weren't my all time favourite. I'm a sucker for the aerial work of the talented soloist who, for me, made the show.

Watching her twist and turn and all without safety harnesses! I held my breathe the entire time but was in wonder at the moves and skills she possessed. I love a show that demonstrates pure talent and this was it. I was completely blown away from start to finish. 

If you too would like to attend this amazing event, you can purchase your tickets through Ticketmaster or for more information head to their website.
head to their website.


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