Beach life babe!

Hello lovelies! 

I'm back again! This time with an update on our sea change! It is approaching our five month anniversary of landing ourselves in Torquay and I have to say .... it's beautiful!


This year has been anything but easy. Between personal issues and personal doubt, I have struggled a lot! I have doubted our move and wished to be back home in our house. But after everything, I feel more at home here. 


I love the beach! It is my haven. I know I've said those words so many times before but it is the truth! I feel more at home on a beach than anywhere else. I love walking into a shop and the people working smile and say hello! I love that shops close and business owners and workers are able to be at home with their families. I love the sound of kids outside playing, footy games and cricket matches at the ovals, people walking and riding their bikes. 


I have always said that I didn't want my kids growing up in the suburbs, it wasn't the lifestyle I wanted for them. This is what I want for all of us! It is taking some time to break old habits, but we are getting there! And the more that little sun pokes its head out, the more we do too! 


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