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As many of you are aware, I have been dealing with my own self pity for a long time now. Mummy guilt. It gets us all, yeah? Not doing enough, doing too much. Not enough homework, working them too hard. It goes on and on. I never feel as though I am doing enough for everyone. I am either paying attention to two children and neglecting the other two (which in hindsight I know I'm not). Or I am doing too much for the kids and neglecting hubby or my friends. 

Today I had the most amazing day. I had a group session with two of the most amazing women; Amy Taylor Kabbaz and Lisa Corduff. If you don't know these ladies by name, you might know them from their blogs Happy Mama and Lisa runs a program through her blog call Small Steps. Both women are successful women, come mothers, come bloggers. 

Today's session was called Real & Raw. And it was exactly that; real and raw. Fifty women in a room, talking about failures, wins, meal planning, meditating and being humans. Damn good humans too. 

I walked away from today feeling energised and full of hope. I have learnt (or at least reassured) that I am not measured by what I can wash, cook or clean. I am not perfect and that's ok. I make do with what I have. My children are loved and they love me so I must be doing something right. 

My life needs an overhaul. But instead of trying to change everything at once, I will do it piece by piece, slowly changing things to better myself, make me happier, more peaceful, then I will tackle what else lays ahead. I wanted to simplify our lives and that is next. I need to make what we have meaningful not abundant. More time actually with my children and not stressing about other things I have no control over. Being present in the moment.

My aim now is to prioritise. To get myself in order. First thing first, make time for me. Sett aside an hour a week where I can meditate, take a bath, journal, listen to music. 

Next, I need to tackle meal planning. I was blessed to hear from, Lisa's mouth, simplify your meals. I am not a five star chef in a five star restaurant. I am not feeding the fussiest of critics. I just need to provide basic, nutritious meals that everyone will love. I think back to when I was a kid and what did have? Roast chicken, ham steaks, in summer it was rolled up meats and salad. These days we feel so pressured to produce Pinterest worthy masterpieces! So it's time to take a step back and breathe, let's get the kids involved! I plan on chopping up some chicken breasts and letting them coat them in bread crumb and viola! a quick dinner or school lunch! 

Real & Raw. What can I say, Amy and Lisa you have changed my outlook on mothering and you have made me take the much needed step back and breathe. If this amazing opportunity knocks on your door, or comes to your town, take the time hang with these amazing ladies! It will be worth all the while. And even if you don't take away as much as I did, you still get a day away from the kids 😉


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