I Found Minted

Ok so I'm a little excited today because (while on the hunt for Confirmation invites) I found Minted! This website is to die for!

Yes, Mikayla Confirmation isn't until later this year, but with so much going on this year I need to get organised early!! So Mikayla and I were cruising the world wide web when she found an invite that just screamed her. 

After we  found these and Mikayla decided that was what she wanted for ever ever, I kept wandering throught the site to find so much more! Oh! I can't explain how long I lost viewing all the invites, stationary, art and more! What I loved the most was the fact you can co-ordinate your invites! For example;

These Save The Date cards are too gorgous to pass by, you can then mix and match them with wedding invites, bachellorette invites, bridal shower invites and there is menu's, place cards, thank you cards! The list is endless! I spent ages, looking at wedding invotes to match different save the date cards before Mikayla walked in and asked why I was still in the wedding section "You're alreasy married mum, you don't need this stuff" ... true, but doesn't stop me from planning and dreaming!

So long story short, I dreamt that I was planning a wedding and every card, booklet and art piece was taken care of, now to find the bride and groom ... but we did find the confirmation invites so it wasn't a waste of time! Thank you Mikayla!
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