Days of the Week Printables

So I knida like made my own printables! 

Yeah I'm feeling pretty creative and awesome at the moment!

It all started when my 3 year old, Lexi wanted to do homework with her sisters ... understandable! But what can a 3 year old do that would make her feel like a big kid? I was surfing the net for a while and nearly everything that I came across you had to pay for. Well, not this little duck! I thought, if they can do it, so can I.

However when I posted a photo of the awesome work she had done today, I had a huge response of people saying how great her work is and that they want the link ... well here it is peeps! And it's free of charge ... Yep, you heard right, IT'S FREE!

So click on through to find the print outs. What I have done is I laminated the pages (two pages to a pouch to save money and time) then we can use whiteboard markers on it and not have to print a new one every week! Ta-Da! It really is that easy!

Enjoy everyone!
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