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Lately I have been on a bit of a roll. Miss Lexi has been keen as a cucumber to get her whiteboard markers out and do some writing, or 'homework' as we call it.

Before school went back, Zarah and Mikayla would say they would be study buddies because the would be at school together and do their homework together when they get home. Now Lexi can be a study buddy too!

This week I have created a I Can Write My Name printable for her to practice her name on. Again I laminated it and she uses it over and over, loving the control she has over her 'homework'.

This is what it looks like ...

Yep, just like the old school days! This has helped so much with the placement of the letters in her name and the direction of each letter.

But then I was bored and did this ...
She was pretty chuffed!

Do you want your child to have a bit of fun with a printable of their own? Sure, why not! Just click here to email me your name and your child's name or the word you wish to appear on the printable and I will return it to you the same day (children permitting!). Pretty sweet deal huh? Oh yeah, it's free too!

Let me know if you want images on your printable, I'm sure I can work something out for you!

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