Tommee Tippee Food Processor Road Test & WIN!!

I had the up most pleasure of trialling this amazing product from Tommee Tippee lately!

What a helping hand this one has become! I have never used an item in my kitchen as much as this! Well with the exception of the kettle!

When it arrived, I ripped it open and put it straight to work. Within minutes, I had sterilised a bottle, steamed some fruit and veggies, blended them all and it was drying on the sink once again. I honestly could not get over how amazing this product is and how easy it is to use!

My favourite option is the steamer. I am able to throw in some fruit for lunch or when cooking dinner for us, add the veggies and meat so Nate can eat like us! I'll show you how ...

Firstly, we chop up the items you want to steam. Nothing too precise, roughly dice them up so they come out softer. Add them to the universal bowl and cover. Depending on what you are steaming, you add the desired water and set the temperature! 

Here I am using pear, which I peeled and diced.

Next we add the blade to the glass bowl you were using as a lid and add the steamed produce!

With the motorised head we can now blend the items to your desired consistency. Depending on your childs level of eating you can puree or just chop! It is ideal for young eaters who need their food small.

Then you are ready to serve!

So easy!

In addition to this amazing function, the food processor also warms bottles AND sterilises them. You can even chose to make your food in advance and warm/defrost it in this baby!

All the temperature information you need comes in the instructions ... but recipes are not included! So tell me, what's your favourite veggie or fruit mix and you too could be the owner of the amazing and versatile Food Processor! Use the RaffleCopter widget below to enter. Entries close 12pm 02 June 2014. Open to Australian Residents only! Sorry!

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  1. This thing is awesome! Will be perfect for my next bub. This sounds like a strange combo, but apple or pear mixed with broccoli is a great mix. It has the green super food benefits with some sweet apple or pear flavour. A good early food for bubs.

  2. Peach and Pears my little guy can't get enough

  3. My little girls favourites are sweet potato with pear puree and she's also a big fan of chia pudding!! Smoothers herself in this!


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