What a bright spark ...

Over the past few days you might have noticed a hash tag on Instagram #ABrightProject.

This is a wonderful idea that was created by Carly over at The Brightest Spark, which entails motivating the person you are paired with and writing hand written letters as opposed to typing like we all seem to be doing these days.

It was funny how I came to stumble across this. Late last year, I had mentioned to husband that I haven't written a letter in so long that i barely remember what my hand writing looks like! All notes are generally done through my iPhone or iPad! So I picked up a pen and some paper and wrote a letter to my great aunt. It was so good to write a letter. It is so much more personal to take the time to put pen to paper these days.

So only a week or so later a lovely blogger that I follow on Instagram reposted an advert for the project and here we are today! It was almost like fate!

Sadly the registrations are closed for the project this year, but with the effort that everybody is putting into this, I'm sure it will continue next year!

In addition to this, Carly also has a "penpal" project going on, on her blog at the minute, where you are paired up with a different correspondent every month and you just write a normal old letter ... like the old days! Now I have jumped on board this one too! And I'm pretty sure you can too if you wish! Head on over and join in the fun! It's a great way to get in touch with not only the person receiving the letters but yourself too all while having a great time receiving letters in return!

Great job Carly, I'm so excited for this! And above all that, you've got me keeping a handwritten journal again too!
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