And the boy was born ...

AndSo as you are all aware by now, my little man has arrived! We have been blessed with the most adorable little guy you could imagine. 

So as the story goes, we arrived at the maternity ward of our local hospital at 7am Friday the 4th of October, greeted by the lovely staff and shown to our room. As this is our fourth child and third induction we are pretty accustomed to how things run. They did all the usual obs, settled us in, finalised paperwork and got us ready.

The midwife and obstetrician inserted my IV and the drip began ... 

At 2:30 that same afternoon, the midwife and obstetrician return to break my waters. Unfortunately for us, the IV wasn't effective on its own and four other women on the ward were having babies, which made us less of a priority.

AS it happened, breaking the waters was what I needed to get things happening. I tried just the gas. Nothing was happening and labour wasn't progressing, but the contractions were coming on strong and fast thanks to the IV, I tried the gas and Pethadine. Still no progression. There were tears at this point. I wanted him out and I wanted him out now! The poor midwife returned and I begged her for an Epidural. Something I never thought I would do. I had been laouring for 9 hours with no progression, sitting at 3cm since I arrived. I was adament that I wouldn't have an epidural but between the fainting, the pain and the pure exhaustion there was no other option. 

The anesthetist arrived sometime after 11pm, prepped me and away we went. By this stage huubby had called for back up and MIL arrived in time to relieve him for a little. It was hard on both of us. Labouring for so long with no progression was taking its toll on us all. No meals, no rest we were both at our wits end. MIL sent him off to get some air and food and by the time he returned I was feeling on top of the world! I could still feel my contractions but the edge was taken off and I was able to rest a little. Hubby rested back on the couch and closed his eyes for what felt like a nano second, before I said "I think I need to push!"

The midwife returned and I warned her that I felt as though I needed to push and she tried reassuring me that it wouldn't be there yet. I asked her to check and low and behold, I was 7cm! It was all a whirlwind from there, the Epidural relaxed me enough to let everything happen as it should and we were over and done with in under an hour. 1:23am Master Nate joined us in this world, with the most amzing sound and wiggle ever. It was a releif to finally hold this little man in my arms, hold him close to my chest and cradle his little body.

Tears stung my eyes as hubby and I look on in amazement at what we created. after having three daughters, to have a little boy of our own is magical, surreal. We are truely blessed.

Thanks ...
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