For a dad who likes his tecnology and win a prize too!

Father's Day Gift Guide

Everyone needs a hand sometimes, unless the dad in your life has set out what he wants this year, Father’s Day can be a daunting and tricky task.

Let us help by sharing these great gift ideas that will entice any dad!

For the Techie daddy …

STM Bags ...
For the lover of all thing technological, you cannot go past STM Bags. They have everything you need to cover your laptop, tablet, and phone. Coming in a variety of fabrics and styles you'll be sure to find something to suit the man in our life.



And a big thank you for STM Bags for giving me three iPhone & iPad cover packs to give away! Head to the Middle Class Mama's Facebook page, like & share the giveaway post and you will be in the running! Yay!

*Open to Australian residents only ... Sorry!*





Look no further for a unique gift for the tech-loving dad this Father's Day. With a range of iPad and iPhone accessories you'll be sure to please.


The PinHead iPhone dock is a top selling item that is quirky and useful, bringing a smile to the man you love's face this Father's Day!





I am the sparky's wife, so this one caught my interest! Although you don't have to be a sparky to get it up and running! Create your own personal wireless lighting environment with the Philips Hue. Each system can run up to 50 globes, each globe delivers 600 lumens and comes in shades of white from warm to light and variety of colour too!


The Hue Starter Pack, includes three globes, a hue bridge, power supply and LAN cable that you can simply install yourself. The globes go in as if your were replacing a globe. Then you can set up the system on your iPhone or iPad and control the lighting system from anywhere in the world! You can dim, control and tune from the app.



The website is filled with lots ideas to set the mood, help you relax or set the scene for perfect photo's, as well as set help too. Definitely a great idea for the light lovin' daddy's!

Thank you for taking the time to look over our selection of technology related products. I hope that we have helped make a difficult task a little easier. Be sure to check out the next instalment ... Fun things to do ... Take care xxx

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