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Father's Day Gift Guide

Everyone needs a hand sometimes, unless the dad in your life has set out what he wants this year, Father’s Day can be a daunting and tricky task.
Let us help by sharing these great gift ideas that will entice any dad!

For the book lovin' daddy …

Ripley's Believe It Or Not ...

2014 wouldn't be complete without the Ripley's Believe it or Not book. Coming this September, you can't go passed it for a superb gift idea for the hard to buy man.


Chris Allen ...

Maybe the dad you're buying for is more a thriller reader? Chris Allen is the author of two best selling espionage books, rated in the Top 100 of Amazon's Action & Adventure authors and this Father's Day you can pick up both his books, signed and delivered to your door for $40 plus postage.

When you purchase this gift pack, you also go into the draw to win The Ultimate Dad Prize Pack, consisting of a Defender tee, along with the Requisite socks, undies and deodorant and more books! You can order online but be quick!!


Drive By ...

“If the Godfather was set in Sydney today, it would be about the Lebs.  But brothers, lots of brothers.  Fathers don’t matter anymore...” – Detective Inspector Brian Harris

John Habib is the mechanic son of a Muslim Lebanese-Australian crime family in Sydney’s Western suburbs.  His oldest brother is in a maximum security-prison, his middle brother is becoming increasingly fundamentalist, and his young brother Rafi is on trial for a murder he swears he didn’t commit.  John has no reason to disbelieve Rafi but there are things going on in the family that he just doesn’t understand.  Why has his brother taken control of the family away from their father?  Are the police really trying to set up Rafi?  John sets out to prove Rafi’s innocence in the face of his predatory older brothers and some Lebanese-hating cops.


The Ravens Eye ...

“Riveting, intelligent crime writing from one of Australia’s best”

A woman dies in her sleep in a houseboat on the Thames; the apparent cause of death, an unflued gas heater.  It all seems straightforward, but DI Kathy Kolla isn’t convinced. Unfortunately both Kathy and DCI Brock are up against an aggressive new Commander who seems to have a different agenda, opposing their investigation in favour of emerging technologies over the traditional policing methods.  Coppers like Brock and Kolla who have reservations are being squeezed out.   To make matters worse, there’s a new Task Force moving in on their patch, and a brutal killer, Butcher Jack Bragg, to be tracked down and caught.   In this heart-thumping new novel The Raven’s Eye, Brock and Kolla are under pressure; it’s a clash between the menacing ever-present eye of computer surveillance versus the explosive threat of a man with a meat cleaver and a grudge.   The Raven’s Eye is a contemporary, brilliant 21st century police procedural written by Australia's acclaimed crime writer Barry Maitland.  


The Best Australian Bush Stories ...

Australia’s national character and spirit have always been defined by ‘the bush’.  In The Best Australian Bush Stories Jim Haynes takes us from the Mallee to the back of Bourke and beyond... From the remote outback, cattle stations, wheat farms and rural towns.  The bush is where our iconic characters are found living, taking refuge or exploring – whether they’re Aborigine, squatter, bushranger, explorer, stockman, or the everyday folk living in small towns or on farms.  In this thoughtful anthology you’ll find some gems from the big names of Australian writing alongside authors who have been forgotten, but whose reputations are long overdue for resuscitation, and contemporary lesser-known story tellers. Henry Lawson, Marcus Clarke, Banjo Paterson, Henry Handel Richardson, Steele Rudd and Miles Franklin all make an appearance, along with Kenneth Cook, Brian James, EO Schlunke, D’Arcy Niland and more. This entertaining, thought-provoking, humorous and, above all, highly readable collection of stories will stir in every Australian a sense of nostalgia and a longing to go bush.


More Important Than Life or Death ...

For years journalists have been eyewitnesses to athletes – from the elite to the downtrodden – chasing, achieving or falling short of their dreams.  They have observed, chronicled and attempted to find the secrets to winning and losing.  For some, sport may be a meaningless diversion.  For most, it’s life’s most important punctuation mark.   * Roy Masters explores the heart and soul of rugby league.   * Peter Roebuck and Malcolm Knox provide a fresh look at the confusion of cricket.  *  Richard Hinds focuses on the moment which won the Sydney Swans an AFL premiership.   * Jacquelin Magnay exposes a grubby cycling world.   * Jessica Halloran reveals the tense father-daughter relationship in the Dokic tennis family.   * Michael Cockerill tussles with Socceroos Harry Kewell.   * Max Presnell recalls when world champion poker player Amarillo Slim took on those at the City Tatts club.   * Greg Bearup dissects sports agent and boxing promoter Khoder Nasser’s world  * Peter Stone puts Tiger Woods in his place Compiled by well-respected sports writers and commentators Peter FitzSimons and Greg Growden, More Important Than Life or Death explores why sport is a religion, an obsession to so many.  There’s revelations, pathos, tribulation, controversy, moments of sheer stupidity and episodes of bravery.  Most importantly this collection, like sport itself, is always entertaining.


Squizzy ...

In the 1920s, Squizzy Taylor was a household name for all the wrong reasons — armed robbery, fraud, sly grog and prostitution rackets, race fixing, extortion, jury rigging and illegal gambling. Squizzy was a dandy, a bootlegger and Melbourne's most notorious criminal. From 1915 to 1927 he and his gang waged open warfare against their rivals across Melbourne. Not only was he Melbourne’s most notorious criminal, he was a dandy, a dancer, a ladies man, and a movie star but as Squizzy’s celebrity grew so did the misery and heartache for those who knew him best— the women in his life and the members of his gang. Underbelly: Squizzy tells the remarkable story of Squizzy Taylor's relentless quest for power and recognition, as he rose through the ranks of the Underworld, ending with his brutal death. Ultimately, though, Squizzy got what he wanted most: people still remember his name. Author Andy Muir joined the high-rating Underbelly television series back in 2007 as a talented screenwriter and researcher of true crime,.  Underbelly: Squizzy draws on the strength of Andy’s research for the Screentime TV miniseries of the same name, airing on Channel 9.  The book is history through the prism of the Underbelly universe; a novelisation of an adaption, based on real people and real events.

 Some great books to keep them entertained this Father's Day, I hope we have helped!!

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