Gooie Photoshoot

Miss 4 had her photoshoot for the brand Gooie today. She was so thrilled! It had been two weeks coming and she was ready to strut her stuff and pose for the camera! Just a shame that as our story generally goes, we slept in and Miss 9 was late for school and there was an accident or two on the freeway which banks up the traffic in our area! We were running around like mad chooks and finally made it there only 10 minutes late!

When we arrived the kids were half dressed, no shoes on and Miss 4 had decided to don some red lipstick out of her sisters makeup set for dancing!! I tried desperately to scrub it off her face, with no luck! Instead leaving her with a red goatie.

So we finished getting dresses and made some semblance of a hair style on them both before making our way through the wet, cold grass to the photoshoot location. There we met Kaye, who is the fun and carefree owner of Gooie and she was amazing! She had bags galore and the kids were her biggest fans, especially my little ones. When Miss 4 was given the butterfly bag she nearly screamed with excitement.

After watching her big sister for a while Miss 2 decided she too wanted in on the action, especially when the shoot moved to an area covered in balloons! The wonderful people there were more than accommodating and gave her a little backpack and let her run loose with her sister! It was adorable! My heart sung with joy for that moment.

After we had finished, the kids chose a couple of balloons and we were on our way. What a wonderful experience it was to be a part of! The girls had so much fun (and now have the bug for it too!) and we are looking forward to seeing the finished products!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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