Miss One no more!

Well hello all!

Today my little one year old turned two! It was a great day, as I know I have another baby on the way to dote on! So it's not heart breaking to see my littlest lady grow up!

She had such a wonderful day. Yummy pancakes for breakfast, played, danced (did the food shopping) and waited for daddy to come home! Miss 9 finished school early so we could take them on their 'super special secret birthday surprise'!

When Miss 2 (oh my!) woke up from her beauty sleep, she found all her presents sitting on the table waiting for her!

She had so much fun tearing into them all and there were plenty of hugs and kisses afterwards too!

Miss 4 ensured that I put WAY to much sticky tape on her present ... well sorry!

After everyone was rested and changed we took our sniffily nosed bunch to the Aquarium! My little fish loving friend was in heaven!

First up were the penguins and I thought we were never going to get out of there! She was in love! She watched as they swam and leaped then ran to the other window and spied on them as they waddled around in the snow and slid down the hills sideways!

We meandered through the different fish and sea creatures, touching and feeling different shells and starfish, oooing and ahhing at the seahorse (fish-horsies) and playing tourist for the afternoon! We sat in the shark area for ages as Miss 2 admired the size of the stingray and the sharks as they swam overhead. She literally could not contain her excitement!

My fav of the day was this guy ... in all my 31 years, I haven't seen anything as amazing as seeing this dude swim up to the side of the tank to say G'day!

He was my highlight and the girls seemed to enjoy mimicking the voice of the turtle from Nemo while gently placing their hands on the tank as he high fived them! Priceless ... Dude ...

At 5 we made our way out and back towards Crown to find some junkie take out place that we could stuff ourselves full with before heading home! For a sick little puppy, My big little girl did so well and had such an awesome day!

When we arrived home, we did a small cake for our little bunch before everyone flaked it!

As you can see, my creative juices were flowing ... well, sadly that's about as creative as it gets! Mind you I bought those cupcakes too ... but for what it was worth, the kids loved it and I was stress free!

Thank you to my beautiful family for such a wonderful day! I hope you had a wonderful day baby girl ... love you to the moon and back!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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