Day 22 - I'm standing on my soap box

Boy oh boy do I need to rant. It's a typical rant for me, traffic and bad drivers.

Where we live, is currently (always) under some sort of roadwork. I have lived in this area since I was knee high to a grass hopper, but never, I repeat never, have I endured such bad driving as the locals at the moment.

One major road, which is currently being widened is 40kms. I don't like using the road so I avoid it if need be, but that does not mean every other road in a 30km radius is also 40kms!!!!

To get our local shops, it's a five minute trip but with the way people drive at the moment it could be anywhere from 15-20 minutes! It is really bad! If you aren't a confident driver, catch a bus, you are a hazard to others on the road. I am so sick of having to second guess what every other person on the road is going to do! And if you can't see over the steering wheel, get a yellow pages or a booster seat!

Yes there are idiots out there that speed and do stupid things, but they aren't pissing me off at the present. Yes I agree that they are dangerous, I am in no way condoning or encouraging speeding, I'm just asking, if the sign says 70, do it! Don't do 50 ...

Then there is the roundabout and the give way signs. Oh man. Neither of these are stop signs, so if there is clear view and no traffic, don't bloody stop! Do you know how many times I can see that there isn't a car in sight and nearly ran up the back of the car in front of me because they slam their brakes on!! Surely if there is a 'hoon' hotline there should be a 'can't drive' hotline? Anyone?

I'm not sure that I'm asking all that much, but I can guarantee the 40% of the grey hair on my head is from these bad drivers and their lack of road sense. Where do I send the bill to reimbursed for my hairdressing appointments?

Thanks for listening, I'm sure this isn't the last post on this topic ...

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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