I cried last night ... again

Hello lovelies!

Yes as the title states, I cried again last night. I am currently going through that part of the pregnancy where you are an emotional wreck! Anything will set me off, Kleenex ads, Barbie movies, I even managed a tear in one of the kids shows this morning. So a stray tear here or there is not uncommon.

However this was a true tear of pure happiness. Miss One is learning that there is a baby in mummy's tummy, she tells people now "Baby mummy's tummy!" She is obsessing over other babies and talks about them often. But last night she was watching me as I changed into me PJ's and asked for the hundreth time that day if baby was in my tummy. I said yes and knelt on my knees so she could see my belly. What happens next is the beautiful part of this story.

My angry little almost two year old, puts her hands on my tummy, and says "Hello bubba". She rubs my tummy smiling up at me, telling me about the bubba, then started singing. She was so beautiful, so full of love for something that she couldn't yet comprehend. She sang hello bubba over and over in her most loving singing voice until I couldn't keep it together any longer.

I had to go down stairs to compose myself because I know that hubby would have shaken his head and laughed at me for being the emotional wreck I am! These are the moments that make being a parent so worth while!

So yes, in conclusion I am an emotional wreck! Haha! Expect many more tears over the coming 20 weeks!!!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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