Proud doesn't begin to explain it!

Hi all!
Today is a post about how proud I am, not of my girls or of myself but about hubby.
On Saturday, hubby not only entered but completed the Tough Mudder challenge. He and two mates (plus his cheer squad) made their way to Phillip Island and endured a treacherous 21kms of mud, ice and gruelling obstacles to crown themselves Tough Mudders!
Only days before hubby was certain he would not be able to compete due to back and leg pain he had encountered while training. Having spent weeks resting and seeing an osteopath, he still was feeling the pain and was unsure if he could do it. But the stubborn side of him shone through and he was adamant he would!
By 6am Saturday morning we were packed up and on our way, nerves being the winning feeling within the car! After meeting up with the second car of competitors, we headed down the freeway. At 9am we arrive and quickly make our way into the registration area and the guys don their numbers before making their way to the starting point.

At the starting line, waves of competitors we set off in fifteen minute increments. At 9:45 with music pumping everyone up and the guy on microphone yelling and cheering, they set off. For the next three and a half hours they waded thought ice water and mud, climbed hay bails, wooden fences and ropes, slid down muddy hills, climbed through tunnels and were attacked by electroshock's. In all there were 22 obstacles over 21 km's of track, over hills and uneven ground, not a single part of the event was easy!
Having not being able to find the guys until they reached obstacle 9, the had already endure more than I could ever had handled!

Hubby looked sore but as he told us afterwards, it was seeing his girls yelling and smiling and cheering him on that got him through the rest of the course. The girls were amazed by how awesome he was (Miss 9's description!) Miss 3 was a little less impressed with the amount of mud on him!!
At 1:45 they crossed the finish line, a little worse for wear but very satisfied that they completed such a tremendous effort!

Hubby has never done anything so challenging before, so it was a bitter sweet feeling seeing him achieve so much, only committing to the event in November, 3 months prior! I was thrilled for him, he is a very ambitious man and proving that you can do anything if you put your mind to it and your heart in it! But most of all, if you surround yourself with the right positive people you can achieve almost anything!
Well done baby! You have done so well and you really can do anything!! Not that you needed to prove anything to us, we already know that you are the bestest!
Thanks ... MCM xxx


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