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Hello my lovelies!!
We here have been a little bit spoilt the last couple of days! The wonderful people at Sunraysia have let us have a sneak peek at their all new organic range of 200ml lunchbox size drink packs!
Delicious and healthy these juice packs are perfect for the kids lunch boxes and a healthy alternative to fruit drinks. Sunraysia organic range is 100% natural! With no pesticides, no modifications, nothing artificial and no added sugar or preservatives you can rest assured that your children will have a healthy additive to their lunch!

These goodies arrived at our place on Thursday and have been a hit ever since! My girls were skeptical at first, having realised they had no sugar, and no sugar means no taste, right? Wrong! These babies are full of flavour! The packaging also means less spillage giving Miss 1 a portable drink that I don't mind taking in the car!
Unfortunately, hubby got his hands on them and fell in love!! So the kids missed out a bit, but they have been added to the shopping list this week so we can be fully stocked for the start of school and kinder!
If you would like to know more about this product head to their website and also like their Facebook page to keep in the know!
If you would like to send your little ones off with a healthy start, share your lunchbox tricks and tips and you could win one of three packs, each containing four 200ml packs - one of each flavour (apple, apple & blackcurrant, orange & tropical)
Prize drawn Friday 8th February at 9am EST
Thanks ... MCM xxx


  1. I stew and freeze any left over lunch fruit, and then use frozen portions to make quick and easy mini muffins using the worlds quickest and easiest base recipe!

    1 cup SR flour
    1/2 cup caster sugar (or sugar substitute)
    1/2 cup milk (I use Rice Milk due to lactose intolerance)
    2 tbsp melted butter
    2 eggs

    Mix all ingredients together with frozen fruit portion of choice and any other extras from your pantry and bake at 180 C.
    12 mins for mini muffins
    16 mins for muffins
    25 mins for loaf cake
    (times may need to be altered depending on the fruit you have added)
    So easy and so quick with the fruit already prepared and portioned!
    My favourite combinations are peach and macadamia, banana and walnut, rasperry and dark chocolate, mango and coconut... but it all depends on what I find in my fridge and pantry on the day!

    1. What a great recipe! Thank you for your share!

    2. Congratulations Kirsten, you were one of two winners! If you can forward me your mailing address I will forward the goodies straight away!


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