Friday funness

Hello all!

Wow have I got a great idea for you and the kiddies today! Down at ACMI they are hiding away all the old school video games, from PAC-Man, Asteroids and Ghostbusters, as well as Sim City, Sonic The Hedgehog and Angry Birds ... Plus everything in between!

With over 125 old school to new school games, you and the kids will enjoy a fun trip down memory lane and show those video game-a-holics what your made of at the Game Masters expedition!

But don't rush to the change machine just yet!! As on Friday's, ACMI have got $10 unlimited games!!! But only for Friday the 17th, 24th and 31st of August and they are open until 10pm!! So get on down and check out the kickin expedition!!

Tickets can be bought online to save carrying purses that only distract you from the high scores!! So head to the ACMI website for more info!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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