Donna Hay has arrived

Well maybe not Donna Hay herself, but her magazine is here!!

I love receiving mail especially if it is something fun and exciting like my Donna Hay subscription!! But to my delight when the kids pulled the magazine out of the mail box and it was the kids edition, they squealed with excitement!

For those of you who read my blog you would know that Miss 9 only recently had her 9th birthday and her design ideas were based on last years DH magazine, so once the magazine was in their hot little hands they were busy planning, Miss 9 taking the lead role as per usual! All I could here was "Oh my!! Look, butterflies!! You'll have to have a butterfly party!!"

Uh oh .... Better start planning !!!
Thanks ... MCM xxx


  1. Oh I have seen so many people sharing they are reading this. I should go and buy a copy and read it since I am on bed rest. So much fun planning the parties. Enjoy!

  2. Oh yes fee you must!!! I love them as they are so simple yet different to the meals I prepare now!! Lots of fun!


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