{Toy Review} Christmas must haves!

As Christmas fast approaches, there is always a need for Christmas gifts for the kiddies or family members! Usually, there is someone I've forgotten or left to the last minute because I didn't know what to get! 

So the kids have trialled a few items that you might be able to use this Christmas! 

This awesome Smiggle Christmas pack is perfect for the kids who have it all! You can't go wrong with Smiggle, everyone loves a kooky pencil case or a lunch box for kinder! 

Teletubbies are an Australian favourite. La La and all the crew have been entertaining kids for many years and still haven't lost their touch. With this play set and plush, your little ones can hours or imaginative play and soothing sleep. 

Christmas is a tough time for some people. It is import to remember that there are others suffering or missing out. Be sure to see what your local area is doing to assist those who are in need. I know we have a spare chair initiative where we can invite someone who would be spending Christmas alone to join your families celebrations!


Barnardos, is in its 10th year with the project, Gifts for Kids. These guys make sure that there are kids out there that won't miss out this Christmas! PLEASE head to their website and see what you can do to assist the underprivileged Aussie kids this Christmas 🎄 


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