7 DIY Mothers Day Gifts

Mother's Day is just around the corner and if you guys are anything like us, we aren't organised! We could easily run to the store and purchase some soaps and chocolates, but we all know that is a you forgot present!

So I have made a collection of quick and easy gifts from the heart! Thank me later ... P.S The kids can help too!

1. Mother's Day Mason Jar Gifts .... Yesterday On Tuesday

2. Decorate a coffee mug! Personalising a coffee mug is a simple but effective way to say i love you ... especially when you fill it with her favourite lollies or chocolate!
Find all the details here

3. Writing is an age old habit that is being lost in the digital age. So why not creatively (& cheaply) decorate a plain diary to make it something special for your mum!

The directions are all here ...

4. If you are handy with photoshop, these babies will be an awesome gift!! Photo magnets, made with love <3 
Idea from Sundaesins
5. Got an old pair of the kids gumboots that are about to head out? DON'T THROW THEM AWAY YET! Pour in some dirt and plant some of mum's favourite herbs and you have a gift that keeps on giving.

From the clever Homespun With Love

6. I must admit, I'm loving these popsicle stick photo frames! They are so cute and fulfil my washie tape addiction!! They would look super cute on my desk or in the kitchen too!

eighteen 25 posted this amazing idea

7. Popsugar, bless you! I found these gorgeous glasses ... I LOVE THESE (hint, hint)

So I hope this helps all those looking to make a special little something that doesn't cost the earth! Enjoy and happy making!


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