The Wedding Was Divine

We had the pleasure of attending the wedding of two very dear and wonderful people. This couple just exude love and positivity and their wedding was a reflection of that.

I walked away from the night feeling honoured and well fed! The ceremony was held at the Williamstown Botanical Gardens on a glorious (possibly a little too hot, but there was plenty of shade) Sunday morning. The groom arrived on motorcycle and he and his groomsmen strutted their stuff down the red carpet to the sound of some Machine Gun Fellatio! Get this ... The following clip contains course language and may offend some people.

The bride was a customary 45 minutes late (Lol) and her entrance was graceful and stunning, for the name of the song has escaped me, but it was an awesome 90's hip hop classic! I loved it! It was very untraditional and unique just like them. The celebrant was laid back and funny and everything you would expect them to be, but everything you wouldn't expect from a wedding.

I congratulate them on their creativity and willingness to do things their own way!

The reception was held at MAIA on the Docklands. Stunning. The old converted wharf has been turned into several reception rooms and the look is a combination of elegent and warehouse. The lighting made the room, it transformed it from something plain into an eye catching masterpiece.

So once we were well fed and had a good laugh and chat, we were on our way home feeling loved and filled with happiness. What a great day and a wonderful couple.
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