Bend It, Stretch It

Hi guys!

Today I want to talk about stretching. 

Ok, who does it ... honestly now ... who can put their hand up and honestly say that they stretch before and after exercising? I can't. I am the worst for it. Hence my recent back injury and constant tightness ... well ... everywhere!

So my Myotherapist gave me some pointers to help me get back up and running and to strengthen the RIGHT muscles and not use my lower back all the time.

Did you know, when you stand from a sitting or lying position or if you are lift or bending you should be using your glutes. If you are anything like me, then your lower back would have been doing that work. The back consists of a delicate muscle structure, but your glutes are there to take on all the hard work, it's just we don't think to use them!

Try this one, the next time you get up from a chair or out of bed, squeeze your butt cheeks together. Yep, as hard as you can, imagine you have a coin between them and you can't let it fall. That's what you should be doing when you rise and bend. I on the other hand, was using my back every time.

This is a great start at training your body to work the right way, but stretching in general is something that we all should be doing regardless of what type or how much exercise we do. I have downloaded the fitivity app, Fit Flexibility. I have tried and tested a few apps (some that have cost me a pretty penny) but this has been the best so far! It is great for beginners as it gradually eases you into pushing your body a little further. It is a 6 day program, Level 1 taking two weeks, level 3 another two weeks and so on until you look like gumby! Jokes! 

I hope that you too can get a lot more out of your body by stretching and keeping your body happy. Remember to listen to what your body is telling you, push yourself, but don't over do it, the damage is far worse than the lack of results!
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