A Letter To My Children

Today I took 30 minutes out of my day and sat at the same computer I sit at everyday, and instead of blogging or pinning or reading something about a craft I'll never do, I typed a letter to each of my children, sharing with them all the amazing things they do and how much I love them.

When I first started writing Mikayla's letter (I had to do them in age order because I am sooo anal like that!) I wondered if this was stupid and the kids wouldn't be interested. I thought will they all have a laugh later about mum's silly letters. But I went on and wrote a decent page long letter sharing my thoughts on her as a person and how much I love her. All positive points was the aim, I didn't once have a joke or a little dig, just honest love poured onto a page.

I may have shed a tear.

Then I went on and did Zarah and Ellexah's letters. I spoke to Nate rather than typed it, but now I think I might take the time to type one up so I can put it in his box of goodies.  (Mental note, I need to buy a box for Nate) I was feeling pretty satisfied by the time I completed them all, printed them and sealed in envelopes.

Come bedtime, I took each child up stairs for a bit of one on one time, so we could read the letter and spend a few minutes together. Lexi was a little disinterested. She listened for about two paragraphs then asked for the tv to be turned on, me to read a book, have you seen my new toy? I smiled politely and helped her put the letter back in the envelope and she was happy!

Zarah was disappointed, because she thought I got her 1D tickets ... major disappointment! But she was wrapped that I was taking the time to just sit with her, forget the letter! We ended up reading the letter anyway! Then the tears flowed. They opened like flood gates and between sobs I could hear, you're the best mama, you're the best mama ever! I couldn't believe her response. I know we say I love you all day and say well done, but to take the time to sit down with her and tell all the things that make me so proud, really means something more.

Mikayla was a bit the same, feeling the emotion of the time it took to share the letter instead of thinking it. It was really a very nice feeling to express all the things I think on a daily basis. They letters were really simple and straight from the heart, and that meant more then any other crap I could have done! Win to me! 

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