Blogger Dinner

I had the most amazing opportunity tonight, to dine with some Melbourne bloggers. I had visions of getting them drunk and obtaining all their blogger knowledge whilst dining on delicious food! Instead I found myself in traffic for 1 1/2 hours!! Damn, I hate peak hour and these people wanting to get places! 

I witnessed three accidents on the way in and held my breath as I watched a car screech to a halt behind me! What is going on people?!?

So I whinged to the hubby, had a tanty in the car, maybe even shed a tear before arriving somewhere around an hour late ... so fashionably me! 

But the amazing Nicole at Seeking Victory had chosen a lovely restaurant for us to meet in, top job my love! And it was a pleasure meeting you! I also had the honour of meeting Sarah, from Creating Contentment too. Now this is a blog that I have been following for sometime, so it was very nice to meet you and hear what you had to say! It's always a pleasure hearing your thoughts direct rather than I creating the context!!

It was also nice to hear that there are people out there with the same issues and ideas. You are never alone in this world, you just isolate yourself.

Sadly I did have to run early to relieve hubby of his parenting duties, and my nerves played a part too. I truly hope I get to meet again! I had a lovely time! Thank you!

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