School Holiday have officially begun

Yes, the Easter school holiday are in full swing now. We have already been fighting, soaking, robbing on each other and I believe there was a bitch fight that I missed!

So the activities begin!

No more fighting over barbies, or iPads, its time to get our creative hats on! I have been scouring the internet for some fun and exciting activities, Easter is our theme for today ... this is what I have found!

Crayola have an awesome site that have lots of creative activities and colouring pages! We found Easter wreaths, egg hunts and colouring pages to keep them busy!

Get your paper squares ready guys! Oh So Very Pretty has the cutest origami bunnies! These are great for the older kids or the artistic over achievers (ie. not me!) There is also a YouTube clip to walk you through it too!

Maybe you need a handmade card for grandma or an Aunty! These guys have some very cute printable cards and more!

Enjoy guys!!!
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