The lost art of sleep.

Can you remember the last time you slept all night? As a mother of three I find that sleep is something I don't experience often, even though I'm sure hubby thinks all I do is lie on the couch all day, sleeping!

My first daughter was a terrible sleeper and actually went to seek help only to realize that I was the problem all along! The women at Tweedle here in Melbourne's west were simply marvelous! I obtained all the information required from just googling "Sleep School", and you will be sure to find assistance near you!
However my second two daughters were better, but not great. Sadly Miss 3 will still wake during the night to ensure that you are still around!! And my newie is currently waking every hour or two!! So what to do?
On average, adults should be getting 7-10 hours sleep each night, otherwise this can lead to irritability, drowsiness, and feelings of depression, something that any parent needs to avoid! According to the Raising Children Network you can catch up on sleep by sleeping during the day or sleeping longer the next night or weekend, even if you feel that you cannot sleep during the day, putting your feet up while the kids play or sleep still helps to recharge the batteries! Cutting out or reducing your caffeine intake will also help you sleep better as it does effect the quality of your sleep!
But when little ones are finding it hard to settle down at night or nightmares wake them in hysterical screams, you are the one they want and need to comfort them. So make sure you are looking after number one, and no matter what age your children, always seek help if you feel like its becoming too hard! A night off makes the world of difference and you and your children will benefit from it too!

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  1. Great advice there - I need to get more sleep. I have no excuse really apart from the occasional night visitor. But I am constantly running on 6 hours sleep. xx

  2. Thanks Sonia! I struggle if I don't have at least a solid 4-5 hours, then I get the title "Grumpy mum is on the way!"


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