Gooie Ambassador!

We received the best news this morning! Litlle Miss 4 was chosen to be a Gooie Ambassador! She was thrilled! The idea of prancing around in front of a camera is her ideal situation!

 Gooie is an Australian owned company that is privately run from Williamstown, local to me! They stock gorgeous bags, backpacks and lunchboxes for children that are way too cute!  Miss 4 was lucky enough to be chosen to a part of their upcoming promotions and don't we have a little diva on our hands now!

She is thrilled to take part in such an exciting venture though and I am more than happy to jump on board a local company and give them the boost they most definitely deserve! Here are a couple of products they stock that I have fallen love with!
Lady Bug Draw string Bag

Loop De Loop Backpack Small

As you can see, these are some cute products that every child will love, gosh, I love them! But I'm a sucker for kids stuff!! Be sure to check our their website for the full product range!

I'm excited to let you know how we go! Chat soon!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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