I went to see Ramona!

So I went to see Ramona Lever today. Ramona is the most amazing person and photographer I have ever met! From the minute I walked through the door I was at ease and comfortable and laughed the time away!
I was thrilled and recently posted about winning the chance to have a makeover and my photo taken as apart of a before and after section that she wanted to create and I had the most amazing time!

The session started with my hair and make up done by the marvelous Marina! She worked some serious magic and when I had the first glance at the finished product ... get this ... I cried! Yes I didn't just let a tear fall, I full on sobbed!! One of my first real pregnant moments! Poor Marina had to touch me up all over again!

Then Ramona whisked me away to her studio where I laughed and laughed while directed as to where to go, how to look but made to feel relaxed and beautiful the whole time. With the vintage/chic look for a background or just plain walls Ramona made every imagine look warm and stunning.
With a couple of wardrobe changes and lots of fun later we had plenty of photographs to work with. As this was the first time I had this sort of thing done i was so nervous, but after chatting with all the ladies there and seeing what beautiful people they were, there was no room for nerves. I'm really glad I had the opportunity to do this because it is something I would never had done on my own.
Just so you know this is not a sponsored post! I won this as apart of a promotion ad fell in love with these guys so much I had to share! If you ever wanted to have a shoot done, I highly recommend Ramona and co as they are the best bunch!
Head to her website for more information, it'll be worth it!!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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  2. Oh Hayley. It was such a pleasure to photograph you. You are so gorgeous inside and out. Thank you for your kind words... you made my heart sing. Ramona xxx www.ramonalever.com

  3. Thanks Ramona! As you can see I too had a wonderful time and I haven't stopped raving about it! Thank you so much! You are such a beautiful spirit!

  4. Sounds like it was a blast! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks Emily! It was!! Great ego boost lol!


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