Day 4 - My Favourite Quote ...

Day 4 brings a challenge of finding my favourite quote. The internet is filled with many funny and deep quotes that constantly have me thinking.

As I ponder and search my memory bank for my favourite quote I laugh at those that I remember. Nicole Kidman says to Tom Cruise in Far & Away ... "You spineless little fraction of a man." And of course my favourite is Goose and Meg Ryan in Top Gun ... "Take me to bed or lose me forever." Maybe even a bit of a childhood memory with "That's all folks."

But I wanted something actually meant something to me, something that I relate to and represents me. So here it is.

I'm all for positive thinking, the way we think makes a huge difference in the way we think, the way we treat people and the way we think of ourselves. As an alarm, I used to have the saying think a positive thought and your day will be good, because it is true.
Now my quote is the one reminder that we have in our house, it is there to ensure that everyone in our house remembers that nothing comes easily and if you have a dream, only you can make it happen!
I would love to hear your thoughts, what is your favourite quote?
Thanks ... MCM xxx
One for the road ...


  1. Hi Vanessa,
    Just wanted to apologise for not responding!! When my blog was updated all my comments were eaten up! Sorry my dear xx


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