Day 5 - All loved up and corny

Yes today is the day we confess our love for a blogger friend! Sadly I don't have any friends that I have made through blogging (as yet) but am still a newbie! So today I will profess my love for those nearest and dearest to me.

Firstly, my husband. You have been apart of my life for 11 years. I've done this one before, but everyday I am grateful for having you in my life. You have supported me through so much and as have I in return, we never expect anything from each other but still I feel spoilt more and more by your love and generosity.
My girls, each day you bring so much joy and light up my world. We all have our days where we clash heads, or want to cry, but those days are outweighed by the love that we share and the fun times we have. I cherish everyday and every night when i kiss you good night I thank God for having such wonderful children.
To my family, well not mine but my adopted family by marriage. I love each of you. You have helped us through so much, have done and still do make everyday easier and I know when I need you all you will there in a blink of an eye! From car rides to the pub to shoulders to cry on I thank the in laws everyday.
To my friends, I can count you all on one hand these days, but you are my constants and I love you for it. I love catch ups and chatting and all the help you offer when needed. You are all so dear to me and you know who you are! There are people I might not see in a while, might not talk to often but you still know that I love you and I am always there if you need me xxx
These people are the ones that I hold dearly, I am very grateful for the people I have in my life, each person who cares for me has by love in return!
Thanks ... MCM xxx


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