Day 12 - What do I miss

Today's challenge is a heart breaker for me. There are many people that have come in and out of our lives but there aren't many that leave a lasting impression. Between family and past friends, we have said goodbye to too many, through death and growing up, it's a part of life. Sometimes you sit and wonder what went wrong, why did they go, what have I done? But you can send yourself batty thinking these thoughts.

My most missed person, the one I cherish dearly is my nan. She was a big part of my life and a real influence as to who I am today. She understood me like no one else, she was always supportive and never judged me or the decisions I made.

As an avid Collingwood supporter we would watch games and she would dissect them minute by minute, the umpires would always be at fault, never her beloved Buckley. She again is the reason that I too barrack for them!

She was a strong woman who raised four children on her own after her husband passed when their children were in their early teens. She was always their for us grandchildren too, thankful for times that we shared together.

I loved this woman and was devastated when she was taken from us. She was the one person I could turn to when things were tough. She understood my mother and sympathised with me when she was her usual stubborn self. At times like these she would help me stay strong and support me, when the rest of the family would not.

The one woman who loved us all unconditionally was my nan, and after four years, I still struggle to fight back the tears when I speak of her.

I love you my dearest, and will see you again one day.

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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