Day 13 - Oh the therapy needed

So here we are on day thirteen. Almost at the half way mark. I'm really enjoying this challenge. Not only is it giving me the motivation to write, it's allowing me to pry into the lives of other bloggers whom I might not have found otherwise!

However the topic at hand today is to make a public apology, so here goes it!

Dear my three angels,

You have come into my life and lit me up from he inside, burning with rage at the state of my nice clean house!

I watch you all when you sleep, careful not to touch you or make a sound as I don't want you to wake.

I dance with you and sing, making lullaby's up as we go along. Reenacting times when I thought I was awesome and receiving disappointing shakes of the head in return.

I apologise for the things I've said, the tanties I've had, the road rage you've witnessed and the bad morning breath you endure.

Just so you know I will never follow through with my threat of selling you on eBay!

I'm sorry for the wacky sense of humour in public and singing too loud in the car that the other drivers hear us.

I get your clothes confused, I forget to wash your uniform, I've even bought the wrong presents and spelt your name wrong - that's when I can remember what it is!!

I know that you will need high end therapy in the near future to over come the parenting issues you all have. So you better forget those Lego friends and the Peppa Pig DVD, because you'll need save for it!

But as long as you know that I love you more then the world, then everyday is a good day! I will drive you to your appointments too ...

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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