Spring Cleaning?

Good morning my wonderful readers!

If you are anything like myself, your 'Spring Clean' might morph into summer and quite possibly Autumn too! Well cleaning in general is a sour point in my day! But to start the year off clean and fresh is a great idea!

So in my travels over the past few days I have compiled a list of easy tasks to complete mundane jobs! I hope this helps :)

* Ceiling Fans - the folk at Real Simple have shared their idea of using a pillow case when cleaning your fans. If you place the open pillow case over the blade then slide it off collecting the dust in the case! Then you just take the dust outside and set it free! Great way to keep the hay fever at bay!

* DIY Lip Balm - So you've cleaned out the bathroom cupboards and draws found all those lip sticks that you haven't seen for years? Why not melt them down with a little Vaseline and create your own tinted lip balms? Great idea if you can't part with your old favourites!

* Arm Pit Stains - Do you have one or two tops in your cupboard that you just can't wear anymore because your deodorant has left nasty stains in the armpit area? Well never fear! Because hydrogen peroxide is here to save the day! On the Wellness Warrior website they have the top ten things that Hydrogen Peroxide can do for you and your home, but my favourite was removing armpit stains. But don't fear, this is a safe and environmentally friendly product that is produced naturally so it is safe for the whole family!

* Don't forget your iron - The iron in your house been neglected? Well keeping it clean can prolong its life and make the task of ironing easier. Head to the Stay At Home Mum website for more details, but in brief ammonia will remove the oily residue while the iron is cool. Then plug her in and get the iron as hot as possible and draw it across some newspaper to remove the waxy substances. Finish by using a vinegar and baking soda mixture on the plate and get those hard to reach spots with a cotton bud, avoid using sharp instruments to scrape it clean.


* Toilet Troubles - well this one I found a little disturbing, toilets are a hard one for me, I can never get the stain at the bottom off or ever thought of cleaning the inside of my toilet. But I hear that for stubborn stains, get yourself a bottle of Coke and pour it in for an hour, the carbonic, citric and phosphoric acids will make light work of those stains.

* The Chore Chart - I'm sure you may have seen this before, it's call the Chore Chart. It's a list of duties that are spread out over the week to ensure efficiency in your household. If you haven't seen it, it is well worth a once over, because even if you don't copy it word for word, you might use it as a basis for your every day routine.

I hope that this may have helped and I look forward hearing if you may have a tip or trick up your sleeve!! Happy Cleaning!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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