January ... bloody January!

Christmas is my most favourite time of the year. I love decorating the house and counting down and eating delicious food and spending time with my beautiful family. We have our traditions of visiting the Myer windows and seeing Santa, carols, Mass on Christmas Eve and breakfast at my MIL's. I love the post Christmas feel of relaxation, kids playing with their newly acquired toys, eating leftovers and just spending quality time with my besties.

January I hate ... Jan1 you usually feel like crap, which you then spend the next two possibly three days recovering. Then you have to take down all the wonderful items you have bought and made to decorate your home. I am still finding -after three days of cleaning- Christmas items EVERYWHERE! Not to mention the Christmas lights out the front that keep eyeing me off every time I leave the house!

Today I did my final sweep before the Christmas boxes return to the roof for storage for the next 10 months, still finding star chains and Santa pegs and God knows what else in the kids rooms!

I love Christmas, but next year I think I might restrict the decorations to the living areas downstairs!! So I don't spend the first half of the year being taunted by Santa's evil little creations ...

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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