Almost summer

Good old Mother Nature gave us a taste of summer here in Melbourne today (something I have craved for the past six months) with a beautiful 35 degree day! We certainly made the most of the glorious sunshine and made our way to a local beach, but not before caving and putting up the Christmas tree! We have the tradition of putting it up on the first of December but as Miss 3 has her dancing concert there won't be much of a chance to do it next weekend!
I'm not sure about you guys but I obsess over my Christmas tree, self diagnosing myself with CTOCD (and its hereditary) the larger balls have to be at the bottom, smaller at the top, colours evenly spread definitely no two colours close to each other! And of course there's the lights! They must go on first flashing lights in the middle of the tree, plain on the edge and my special tinsel filled ball lights around the front. But I'm not pedantic at all! Well after two hours of putting the tree together and placing the lights in just the right spot I -get this- sat back and let the kids go nuts with the tree!! Miss 9 and Miss 3 put out their favourite ornaments reminiscing about where they're from or who gave them to them. It was so much fun listening to them chatter. I still helped hanging the ones around the top where they couldn't reach, and honestly I'm writing this post to stop myself from going down stairs and checking on the tree! But they did a beautiful job, as I knew they would! And good old hubby floats in at star o'clock for his traditional star on the tree job and photo op!

Once that was all done, I smothered the munchkins in sun cream and packed two (?!?) bottles in my bag so we could 'apply ourselves to reapply'! Gathered the towels and buckets and loaded the crew into the car! The beach wasn't too busy which was nice! So we set up our shade and laid out the towels and settled in for the afternoon. Miss 9 was quick to set up the volleyball, Miss 3 was building sand castles but Miss 1 who is scared of sand hides under the shade on the towel. I love the beach! It annoys me that the girls are afraid of seaweed, but to hear my daughter cry blue murder on the beach because the tip of her big toe touched a bit of sand drove me bonkers! So as any loving would do, I took the three girls into the water and worked backwards!! She welcomed the water on this hot day, but not so much the taste! But wouldn't let go! So we found a little island part where the water was shallow and I put her down and walked back a step, and you know what? She loved it! It was then that we couldn't get her out of the water.

But it took for a moment that I was chatting to a lovely lady on the beach that Miss 1 was only six months old last summer and would not have remembered the beach on the odd occasion that we were able to go! So I now have 3 beach bums that are scared of seaweed! But most of all Miss 1 has also overcome her fear of sand!! Thank God!! She managed to walk back up to the sun shade by herself and sat an played with her sisters too. I'm so proud of my girls and we had such an amazing day! I cannot wait for the warmer weather now my girls are all summer ready!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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