Happy Mother's Day

The suns rays peak through shutters, I roll over slowly waking to the smell of breakfast sizzling away down stairs and the quite chatter of the kiddies laughing and playing!

That is what you would imagine a mothers day morning to sound like!! Haha!! Not in our house!! 6:30am the alarm went off (the alarm being bubs) and up I get tiptoeing around hoping not to wake anyone else!! The two of us head downstairs and light the fire and play a little as we wait for the others to make their way down. Amongst all this hubby is sleeping soundly and to be up eat the peacefulness that swept across the house was so enlightening!!

When I woke this morning I couldn't wait for hubby to wake up so I could snuggle up in bed and chill out!! But even though I would never admit it(!!), he made a pretty smart point, after I jokingly hinted that the kiddies wanted him!! He assured me that they wanted me!! His words were
It's called mothers day, you should be with your girls. It's not called pretend your not a mothers day

This is so completely true!! I had been thinking too much about getting away from everyone, instead of enjoying who I had around!! So I spent the day braiding hair, playing little people and just enjoying my girls!

I'm going to get all mushy, but those girls, as frustrating they have been lately and how grey my hair is becoming because of them, I still love them more than anything else on This planet and I just want to say a huge thank you to hubby for making my day so completely special!!! I Love You all do very much!!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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