The Final Countdown

Wow, less then a week to go until my 30th birthday! So this is my last few days in my twenties! What am I meant to do? Am I meant to be jumping out of planes or on a Hawaiian island somewhere? No, sadly nothing exciting like that is happening here! Actually quite the opposite, I think I have caught all the bugs that the midgets have had! I feel like I have a major head cold and have had the runs too! I wish this week would end ... I'm pretty over it! That also explains my lack of writing lately, as I described it, I have been curling up feeling sorry for myself!! But to cheer me up, hubby gave me some money and sent me out buy something nice to wear for the big day! Do you think I can find anything though? Because I have no idea what is happening, I have no idea what to buy! Dilemma! Not to mention that I feel like an old woman these days and am so out of touch with the fashion!

Miss 8 dressed in her
Monster High  costume
The candlelit kitchen bench

Miss 3 as a butterfly!

But on the bright side, as I am a Vibe Village member, I recently received a Monster High promo pack and so that the girls could put on a small party. It was advertising for the Monster High range, but the kids had so much fun!! We decorated the back area of the house with candles and spider webs and made the lights all dim to portray the illusion of darkness ... which isn't hard in Melbs at the moment! So Miss 8 had a few friends over and they devoured the food at a rate of knots and danced their hearts out to 1 Direction, drooling over the thought of the boys serenading them, but all in the name of a good prize!! We gave away note books and pens and necklaces and hair pieces! All supplied by Vibe Village! They had so much fun playing with their dolls and reading the books to find out how old they all were!

Tonight however we are off to the opening of the Wallace and Gromit expedition at Scienceworks! It is going to be a great night! I can't wait!! Tell you all about it tomorrow!

Cheers ... MCM xxx


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