The countdown begins!

Helloooo everyone!!

So today, as we are down in the southern hemisphere, is the 1st of May, which means that there is 21 days until I hit the big 3, 0!

Scary stuff this is, for those that have been there you can sympathize but those that aren't there yet, please don't patronize me :)

Miss 8 announces this morning "Mum, how are you feeling now that you are sooo close to 30?" Don't you just love the sarcasm an 8 year old produces? But I actually woke today with a new lease on life! I have decided its time to pull my finger out and experience life for myself, get out of my comfort zone! I don't intend on base jumping or skinny dipping (I wouldn't scare people like that) but for instance, I'm taking part in Photo A Day May with FatMumSlim also a lady in our area is doing courses that she requires models for so I have put my hand up for that too! This is pretty unlike me, as I tend to be a quite, stay at home kind of person!

If you have some ideas to do before I turn 30, please share! I want to enjoy my last few weeks as a 20 something!!!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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