A cry for help on behalf of Miss 3

Talking about issues your children may or does have is a hard thing to do, whether you speak to your partner, a friend or a family member, sometimes you aren't ready to hear what they say or they don't understand where you are coming from!
Over the past year, my husband and I have noticed quirks about Miss 3, nothing major but quirks all the same!! I had a serious concern that she may have been borderline Autistic. We have been to see a pediatrician who specializes in Autism and we were pretty much told that there was no real reason to be concerned, she is just slower then others at picking up things and is a bit hyper!! I don't know where to even begin to dig deeper into these issues that we have noticed! I have spoken to my local GP's and three out four Doctors have told me that she is an average 3 year old. I honestly assumed that we would see doctor and he would help, but as usual, the system has let us down again!
I look at my baby girl and wonder what it's like for her, to me I see a beautiful little girl who is always filled with so much energy and enthusiasm, but without regard for anyone else! It breaks my heart to think that she might be different to others and feel left out or not the same.

She stirs in the middle of the night and I sit with her, beside her bed, stroking her hair with tears rolling down my face, because as each day passes I feel that I am loosing a fight with something, something that I don't know what it is.

I wish that there was a search engine, you type your concerns into it and it tells you what is wrong and what to do about it. And the answer is not Google or Wikipedia because I have tried. So many nights I sit up and type away, reading all night, trying to find an answer. But there is no simple explanation. I'm not looking for something to be wrong with her, I've been told that too, but as a mum, as a parent, as someone who spends everyday with my daughter, I know that there is just something not quite right.

I hope that there is someone reading this one that can assist, that can point us in the right direction, or give us an indication as to what we might be dealing with. On a daily basis there are small things like the volume of her voice, she cannot make eye contact and doesn't listen to instructions. She also doesn't understand being in trouble. For instance, last night we came home and she threw her jacket and necklace on the floor, hubby approached her and told her off as she had been playing up all day. Any other child would have gotten a fright and cried or possibly sulked off, instead she said sorry Daddy and walked up stairs singing. But on the other hand she is such a loving person, to us and her sisters and also to those at school, swimming and dancing. She is not shy to get amongst the group and loves performing and playing, I have spoken with her teachers and watch her myself and see that there is no issues amongst groups. But I do find that she can be obsessive, like my dancing and my best friend, but fails to remember details such as names. Her obsessiveness continues with the family also, on a recent holiday she had to be with her Grandmother all the time, and was hysterical if she couldn't be, but then moments later would be fine.
I know that this might seem like run of the mill behavior for a young child, but to be honest with you, scares the hell out of me.

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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