Well hello there ...

Thanks for your interest in working alongside Middle Class Mamas to promote your product or brand!

I am thrilled to have you enquire, you can email me here if you need further information or just to say hi!

A bit about the blog ...

I'm a 'Mummy Blogger' as they say, I love to chat about what my amazing family is up to, where we've been and what we love. With their ages ranging from 2-13, we are pretty versatile in the promotions area! Plus I love to tell stories of the new and exciting things I have come across!

When those important dates come around, like Christmas, Easter, Birthday's, Valentines Day etc, I love to share a "Gift Guide' of different items, usually a thrifty gift, you know, something that won't break the bank! These are the biggest viewed posts on the blog! Running a close second are my new and exciting giveaways! I haven't done a lot of these in the past as my numbers were a little low, but now that MCM is growing bigger everyday, I thoroughly enjoy a good giveaway!

At the moment I am taking my blogging a little more seriously and enjoy working with and meeting a lot of new and exciting people!

What else is on my plate ...

As well as being a mum's taxi, I also like to work with brands such as Tommee Tippee and Mister Minit. I also share my views and experiences over at Babies and Toddlers website.

About me ...

I'm your average stay at home mama! I have three daughters and (finally) a son. I'm married and have been for 10 years. We love to do things as a family, but mostly I love to curl up with a good book and read my heart out!!

I suffer from NeuroCardioGenic Syncope and aim to have the blog a little NCGS friendly. I also have had to change my diet to suit therefore all the recipes I post are Migraine Diet Friendly. I will also add a note to any recipe to warn of a potential trigger. This has been quite a journey for me, but one that I am happy to take.

The nitty gritty ...

So you want to know the numbers? Here they are! My stats are growing and updated monthly. I hope that with your assistance we can grow the views in the near future :)

  • Unique Views:  476
  • Page Views:      787
  • Twitter Following:     335
  • Facebook Following: 187
  • Instagram Following: 494
  • Pinterest Following:   212
  • Google+                       55

  • At the moment we have been working with different brands and companies through giveaways, sponsored posts and trials. If you wish to be a part of this, or would like to enquire about purchasing an advert on the blog, please send through an email and I will answer any of your questions!


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